Hi.. and welcome to my personal corner of the web. This site serves mostly as a vehicle to publish articles and essays that I write (infrequently at best) and provide information about my life in general for anyone interested. Oh, and my contact info and whatnot..

Software Projects

I still do a fair amount of coding and try and release as much open-source as possible.


What I have learned, what I think and what I feel may be worth sharing.


Pics from my life that I'd like to share. Contact me for a login to friends & family section.

I've hacked in a lot of languages in my life. I've found that I like languages with sharp pointy edges and have been following the principles of the Functional Programming paradigm for years. I also like harnessing the power of the kernel and the operating system and the 30+ years of maturity in computer science that come along with it.

Being a sci-fi geek I grew up with the assumption that ubiquitous computing would be a reality in my life-time (ahh the optimism of engineers). So where has all that led me? To a strange convergence of distributed computing, service-oriented architectures and mobile computing. So you will find that my projects tend to revolve around those areas.

What is life without exploration? You learn best from mistakes and I've made plenty. So I guess I think its worth sharing what I've discovered and learned. I'm pretty passionate about my life's pursuits and feel that having an opinion (ideally an informed one with a healthy dose of doubt) is A Good Thing.

My approach to this is one where I respect the fact that someone invests valuable time in reading what I've written. Thus its not a blog. I try to put thought, research and effort into what I write and be succinct if possible (I struggle with that one).

Cliche as it sounds, relationships and experiences are the real measure of wealth in life. And in at least that respect, I'm a rich guy! ;-)

My life has been filled with really great friends and family. I'm happiest when I'm three sheets to the wind with them, ideally accompanied by some great food. I've also tried to explore the world I've been given. Since everyone can't be with me on all my adventures the best I can do is share the story afterwards.

I've put some things in a private area to protect the names and faces of the guilty. I'm happy to share a lot with the world but there is stuff I'd like to just share with my friends and family. Email me if you dont have a login and would like to see the private photos.